ROLLiN' Insurance: A Comprehensive Review of the Award-Winning Car Insurance Provider and Its Ownership

ROLLiN' Insurance is a new and innovative car insurance provider that has been making waves in the industry. With a focus on providing thorough coverage at affordable prices, ROLLiN' has quickly gained recognition as an award-winning provider. In fact, according to our research, ROLLiN' is one of the most cost-effective car insurers in Australia. In October 2023, ROLLiN' launched its brand, offering exceptional value car insurance and young driver insurance. This article aims to provide a detailed review of ROLLiN' Insurance and compare its rates with other providers. We will analyze and compare ROLLiN' car insurance with other popular insurers, providing a comprehensive overview for readers. Our review is unbiased and informative, using research and data to support the information presented.

ROLLiN' Insurance: A Comprehensive Review of the Award-Winning Car Insurance Provider and Its Ownership


The Origins of ROLLiN' Insurance

ROLLiN' Insurance, the latest addition to the car insurance market, was launched by insurance giant IAG in November 2021. This new brand replaces IAG's pilot offering, Poncho, which was trialled in New South Wales since October 2019.

The creation of ROLLiN' was driven by the increasing demand for flexible insurance options, particularly among younger Australians. IAG recognized the need for a pay-by-the-month car insurance brand that catered to the changing needs and preferences of its target market.

What sets ROLLiN' apart from other insurance companies is its unique features. Customers can build a bespoke comprehensive motor policy based on their individual needs, add multiple drivers and cars under one policy, and pay monthly without any cancellation fees. This level of flexibility and customization is not commonly seen in the car insurance market.

According to IAG's Chief Marketing Officer, Brent Smart, the launch of ROLLiN' was a "career highlight" as the brand was built from scratch in just a few months. The brand's commercial, featuring a large yellow rolling ball named "Larry" rapping to Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance," has already garnered positive attention and praise.

With its innovative approach and customer-centric features, ROLLiN' is expected to make a significant impact in the car insurance industry. Its launch marks a new era of flexibility and convenience for Australian drivers, and only time will tell how successful this new brand will be.


ROLLiN' Car Insurance Coverage

ROLLiN' Insurance offers a comprehensive range of coverage options for its customers. With a focus on providing exceptional value and benefits, ROLLiN' has become a top choice for drivers. Its coverage options include new car replacement, everyday insurance, and young driver insurance. These options are designed to provide maximum protection for your car and meet the specific needs of different drivers. For example, its everyday insurance covers your car for everyday use, while its young driver insurance is tailored for younger drivers at an affordable price. With ROLLiN' Insurance, you can be sure that your car is covered in any situation. Plus, with its competitive rates, you can enjoy the benefits of comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank.

Understanding ROLLiN' Insurance Policies

ROLLiN' Insurance offers a range of policies to suit different needs and budgets. Each policy is underwritten by insurance giant IAG, ensuring reliability and quality coverage. Customers can access the product disclosure statement and privacy policy on ROLLiN's website to understand the terms and conditions of their policy. The target market determination also helps customers understand the specific coverage and pricing for their policy. It is important to carefully read and understand the relevant product disclosure statement and insurance certificate before signing up for ROLLiN' Insurance. This will ensure that customers have all the necessary information and are aware of their coverage. With ROLLiN', customers have access to outstanding value for car insurance, with just one comprehensive policy instead of multiple policies from different providers.

The Claims Process with ROLLiN' Insurance

When it comes to making a claim with ROLLiN' Insurance, the process is simple and efficient. Customers can file a claim online or over the phone, providing necessary information such as policy details, incident details, and any supporting documentation. This can include photos of the damage, police reports, and witness statements.

According to customer reviews and ratings, ROLLiN' Insurance has a high level of customer satisfaction when it comes to handling claims. They are praised for their quick response times, helpful customer service, and smooth claims process.

Compared to other insurers, ROLLiN' stands out for their efficient and customer-centric approach to handling claims. In a survey conducted in October 2023, ROLLiN' Insurance received a higher satisfaction rating from customers compared to other top insurance providers. This showcases the benefits of choosing ROLLiN' for car insurance claims.

With the launch of the ROLLiN' brand, customers can expect a seamless and hassle-free claims process, backed by efficient customer service and competitive rates. ROLLiN' Insurance is committed to providing quality coverage and exceptional service to their customers, making them a top choice for car insurance.

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Additional Benefits of ROLLiN' Insurance

Aside from its well-priced and thorough coverage, ROLLiN' Insurance offers several added benefits that make it stand out among other car insurance providers. These benefits include:

  • A hire car in case of accidents or repairs, providing convenience and peace of mind for customers.

  • The flexibility of its rolling monthly policy, allowing for easy adjustments and no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees.

  • A family and domestic violence policy, showing the company's commitment to supporting its customers in difficult situations.

In addition, ROLLiN' Insurance offers a range of helpful services such as a repair network with a lifetime guarantee, essential emergency repairs coverage, and roadside assistance. These services add value to the comprehensive car insurance policy and provide customers with additional support and protection.

Furthermore, ROLLiN' Insurance does not charge extra excesses for drivers under 25, making it a cost-effective option for young drivers. This is supported by research indicating that ROLLiN' is one of the most affordable car insurers in Australia, ranking second out of 37 insurers in October 2023 (Source:

Overall, ROLLiN' Insurance offers a comprehensive and customer-focused car insurance policy with added benefits and services, making it a top choice for many drivers. Its launch in October 2023 has already gained recognition, with ROLLiN' being awarded the Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Value Car Insurance and Exceptional Value Young Driver Insurance by Mozo (Source:


Customer Reviews and Ratings

  1. Unbiased Perspective: According to a recent study, ROLLiN' Insurance has received high ratings and positive reviews from its customers, highlighting its exceptional value and outstanding customer service.

  2. Brand Popularity: The brand's popularity can be seen through its growing customer base and increased trust among Australian drivers.

  3. Trustworthiness: Customers have praised ROLLiN' Insurance for its transparent policies and efficient claims process, making it a reliable option for car insurance.

Interested readers can access and read more customer reviews on various independent review sites, showcasing the overall positive sentiment towards ROLLiN' Insurance. The brand's commitment to providing excellent value and great service has been recognized by its customers, making it a top choice for car insurance.


Overall, ROLLiN' Insurance offers competitive rates and comprehensive coverage, making it a top choice for car insurance. With its unique rolling monthly policy, customers have the flexibility to make changes or cancel their cover without incurring fees. Additionally, ROLLiN' has been recognized for its exceptional value, winning two Mozo Experts Choice Awards in 2023.

When compared to other insurance providers in October 2023, ROLLiN' stands out for its cost-effectiveness, especially for young drivers. Its comprehensive policy includes more benefits than other budget insurers, making it a great option for those looking for thorough coverage without breaking the bank.

We highly recommend considering ROLLiN' when looking for affordable and comprehensive car insurance. Its user-friendly policies and excellent value for customers make it a top contender in the insurance market. With its recent launch in 2023, ROLLiN' is a new player in the industry, but its competitive rates and unique features have already made it a strong competitor.


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